Wooster Physics alums — Kent Displays Colloquium

five people stand close together on the sidewalk in front of Taylor Hall
Asad Khan ’93, Clinton Braganza ’03, and Nithya Venkataraman ’04 enjoy the sunshine with Dr. Don Jacobs and Dr. Susan Lehman

The Physics Department hosted three outstanding alumni for a colloquium on Thursday February 23. Asad Khan ’93, Clinton Braganza ’03, and Nithya Venkataraman ’04 are all from Kent Displays, Inc, makers of the Boogie Board and other flexible liquid crystal displays.

They presented technical information about how these cholesteric liquid crystal displays work as well as sharing some of their personal journeys, both in terms of how they came to Wooster and the paths that they took after graduation. After the talk, we had an informal lunch with pizza where they shared super helpful information with the students about internships and navigating career paths and educational possibilities after Wooster.

A speaker points to the presentation screen; several people are in the audience watching.
Clinton explains some of the physics of the liquid crystal displays.
Three people stand near a shelf at the bookstore
Nithya, Clinton, and Asad check out the special Boogie Board display at the bookstore.

So many Wooster physics alumni have worked at Kent Displays over the years, whether for decades or for a summer internship! Just listing the names we could easily list, we had around 15 people, and I’m sure we missed some!

It was great to catch up with them, and they got to stop by and see the new display area highlighting Boogie Board products at the Wooster Bookstore!

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