Programs of Study in Physics

Physics Major

A Physics major provides a rigorous grounding in the scientific process and a firm scientific understanding of the world. It fosters critical thinking and provides broad practical training in science and technology. It can lead to graduate study and basic research (in a variety of disciplines), to stimulating jobs in industry, or to challenging and rewarding careers in teaching. Our faculty is engaged in original research, and our students are drawn early into collaborative research projects with faculty. read more

Chemical Physics Major

Chemical physics provides an interdisciplinary approach to the fields of chemistry and physics using mathematical techniques. The major allows students to explore the interface between chemistry and physics by studying structure, surfaces, bonding, atoms and molecules. By combining the methodologies and knowledge of physics and chemistry, many intriguing scientific questions can be addressed by a student with a strong predilection for mathematics and the physical sciences. read more

The Engineering Dual Degree Program

Interested in applying your scientific abilities and creativity to solving the world’s pressing problems through engineering? The College of Wooster offers several dual-degree engineering programs in cooperation with Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio and Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL), Missouri. Click here for an overview of these programs (all programs details may also be found at this link by clicking the “requirements” tab).

Click here for more information about the Pre-Engineering Program, including descriptions of a number of ways to pursue an engineering degree as a Wooster student. You can also contact Dr. Susan Lehman (ext. 2214) with any questions and for pre-engineering advising.

Teaching Licensure in
“Adolescent to Young Adult (Grades 7-12): : Physical Sciences-Physics”

Thinking about becoming a STEM field teacher?

2022 article in Physics Today “The US is in dire need of STEM teachers
Our nation has a severe shortage of math and science teachers.

Each dot on this graph represents a teaching profession with (M) Math, (C) Chemistry, and (P) Physics highlighted in red.

The state of Ohio granted The College of Wooster the ability to offer a teaching licensure in “Adolescent to Young Adult (Grades 7-12) – Physical Sciences: Physics” through an Education/Physics double major. read more

There is also the option for an Integrated Science Major in which you can either choose the two (Chemistry and Physics) or all four STEM fields (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Sciences).

Physics Minor

A Physis minor provides a good scientific understanding of how nature works, from a physical point of view. A physics minor is especially interesting for any STEM major who does not want to double major. read more