Wooster Physics

Summer Research Application

Who should apply?

Our program is designed for currently-enrolled undergraduate students interested in physics and chemical physics. Students who have completed a two-year degree and are continuing in the fall at a four-year institution are eligible and welcome. Students only need to have taken one year of introductory calculus-based physics, and we have no minimum GPA.

NSF funding is restricted to U.S. Citizens, U.S. nationals, and permanent residents. However, College of Wooster international students may also apply for internally-funded positions.

All participants should comply with the College’s current COVID policies.

How do I apply?

The application is available on the NSF ETAP site.

We ask for

  • A C.V. or resume.
    • Include your major, your GPA, your science GPA, and when you expect your degree.
    • Include previous work experience.
    • List physics, math, computer science, and chemistry courses you have taken or are currently taking. Include your grade in each of these courses.
  • Two brief personal statements (typically less than 1 page each)
    • Part 1: Why are you interested in doing research this summer? What do you hope to gain this summer, and how will participating in our program fit into your goals? What special interests or strengths do you bring to the program?
      • If there are scientific questions you are particularly interested in, please discuss them here. We use the details about your interests here to help place you in a research group, so be specific. If you have past research or computer programming experience that you did not describe on your C.V., describe it briefly here as well.
    • Part 2: Describe how you persevered through some difficulty or overcame an obstacle. This could be academic, social, financial, physical, etc. What personal qualities do you bring to the program?
  • Ratings about the type of project you prefer (hands-on/experiment, computational projects, theoretical)
  • College transcript (unofficial is OK)
  • Two letters of recommendation

Questions? Contact:

Dr. Susan Lehman
Department of Physics 
The College of Wooster 
Wooster OH 44691-2363 USA