Physics Club

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Physics Club amazes the crowd at Scot Spirit Day 2018 with a liquid nitrogen lid-and-canister rocket.

The Wooster Physics Club has been a highly active award winning local chapter of the national Society of Physics Students since 1968. The Physics Club welcomes all students interested in physics, regardless of major. The Physics Club is one of the most active student groups on campus; each year the club is involved in many events beginning with an enthusiastic showing at Scot Spirit Day. Other annual events include the Luce Dinner (with liquid nitrogen ice cream!), a day trip to a science museum, bowling against the Math Club, and a year-end dinner out on the town. The physics club is committed to community outreach and sends frequent teams of students to local elementary schools to excite, educate, and inspire kids. In the spring of 2009 the Physics Club organized the first ever Community Science Day.

SPS Awards

Wooster has hosted a chapter of the Society of Physics Students since 1968.