Advanced Placement in Physics

Advanced placement in physics is possible for students who have done advanced work in high school.

A student may receive credit if a score of 4 or 5 is obtained on any the following AP examinations:

   Physics 1 (for PHYS-10700)
   Physics 2 (for PHYS-10800)
   Physics C – Mechanics (for PHYS-11100)
   Physics C – Electricity and Magnetism (for PHYS-11200)

Students need to check with the chairperson of the department to determine whether they will receive one or two credits toward graduation and at what level they should begin their college Physics courses. The advanced placement policy of the College is explained here.

Students who have taken a college level Physics course (other than Advanced Level or AP Exam), or took the AP courses without the examinations, and would like to place beyond the first Physics course need to take a Physics 111 Placement Examination that the chairperson administers.