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  • Junior Independent Study

    Junior Independent Study

    The junior physics majors are each working away on their “self-designed” projects. Each student develops a proposal for their own research question and spends the weeks after spring break developing a procedure, exploring their question, and then writing up their results. It’s so much fun for me as the professor to walk around checking on…

  • Total Eclipse!

    Total Eclipse!
  • APS March Meeting – Student Perspectives

    APS March Meeting – Student Perspectives

    One of the more interesting parts of the trip was overhearing other physicists discussing their results and experiences. I heard an experimentalist say they felt like a human linear regression machine exploring parameter space in the lab, which I can unfortunately relate to! Gus Thomas, Wooster ’25

  • March Meeting 2024 – Minneapolis

    March Meeting 2024 – Minneapolis

    The March Meeting in Minneapolis was an excellent conference — back to the pre-pandemic levels of energy and excitement. Early morning, ready for the first day of the March Meeting! It was great to get this perspective from one of the upper floors of the hotel, and I love the reflection of the sky in…

  • March Meeting ’23 — Olivia’s Perspective

    March Meeting ’23 — Olivia’s Perspective

    My favorite part of the March meeting was the poster session, where I got to meet physics students from all over and see the different research projects they were working on. I also really loved browsing the physics bookstore and sitting in on the ‘Physics of Superheroes’ talk. During the poster session, someone left an…