March Meeting 2024 – Minneapolis

The March Meeting in Minneapolis was an excellent conference — back to the pre-pandemic levels of energy and excitement.

sunrise in Minneapolis

Early morning, ready for the first day of the March Meeting! It was great to get this perspective from one of the upper floors of the hotel, and I love the reflection of the sky in the building at the right.

We had a mix of Wooster students and students who had done our NSF-REU program. Kelly, Lily, Hannah, Veran, and Gus all presented their work in poster sessions at the meeting.

Two physicists at a restaurant

Deepika Sundarraman ’14 was presenting her exciting work on imaging of immune system cells in zebra fish, which are used as a model system for the human immune system. The images were amazing!
And we got to meet up for dinner one evening and really catch up, which was wonderful.