Wooster Physics in San Antonio!

Welcome! Our goal is to use this site to share more information about what is going on in the department! Our annual attendance at the APS March Meeting seemed like a great place to start.
Four students and I all traveled to San Antonio March 2 to 5 for the biggest gathering of physicists in the world. Each of the students did summer research in the department last year and presented the results at the meeting.

We flew to San Antonio through Detroit, so we got to see one of my favorite pieces of public art — the fountain in the main terminal. I almost would fly through Detroit just to see it.  The streams of water can switch on and off quickly, so it looks like this parabola of water is drawing itself up backwards.  I’ve watched so many people be entranced by it.

Enjoying the physics fountain at the Detroit Airport

We had a full day at the conference on Tuesday before the student poster presentations on Wednesday.  We had a good number of people stop by the posters, including a Wooster geology alumnus!

Outside the convention center, along the River Walk

Ziyi and Michael in action during the poster session

The students had to head for home right after the poster session, but I stayed on another day to give my talk on Thursday morning.  It’s just too bad that we didn’t have time to have fun at the APS Photo Booth with flat Tesla and flat Meitner.

FYI Nathan’s tie is not real.  Neither is Ziyi’s mustache.