March Meeting Update – Days 2 & 3

I knew when I posted the Day 1 update from the March Meeting that it would be pretty hard to keep up daily updates, and I was right!
The students arrived on Tuesday morning, and Drew did a great job with his poster at the Tuesday afternoon poster session

Drew ready for visitors to his poster

We all had dinner together at Amicci’s in Little Italy which was amazing. Elliot Wainwright ’15 who is now at Johns Hopkins had recommended it and was able to join us for dinner.

The Wooster crew at dinner on Tuesday night

Day 3 – starting to get a little harder to get to those first sessions of the morning at 8 am! Avi and Justine had adjacent posters in the noon poster session and got lots of good traffic and had good conversations.

Avi explaining his work

Justine in action at her poster

It was also a beautiful sunny day for the first time, and people were absolutely clustered enjoying the day down by the inner harbor.

Outside the convention center

In the evening, I ran into Justine at the Diversity Networking Reception. Before I bumped into her, she had been talking to another attendee who was a postdoc at Johns Hopkins. As I arrived, he asked her GPA and gave her his card and pretty much offered her a summer research job. That’s effective networking!

The evening ended with the Rock-n-Roll Physics Sing-a-long, which was hilarious. Geeky? Yes, but in a fabulous way. And, the band was really good!

I’m a LIGO believer!