The class of 2015 graduated in style on May 11.  Those of us who have been around a while (that would be just me, this year!) were surprised to find that faculty and students were lining up in the Oak Grove on the north side of Kauke and that Commencement itself was on the quad (once called the Elm Grove, I hear) south of Kauke.  Apparently, the College was worried because the grass under the oaks was not growing, due to our late spring, and so there were concerns about Commencement being very muddy if we had it in the Oak Grove as usual.

Thus we were set up on the south side, which I think made a nice perspective for some of the photos, but also meant that there was very little shade on this sunny and warm day.

Lining Up for the Precession

Here’s the faculty perspective as we line up in a double row so that the graduates can walk in.  Watching the new graduates file in between the rows of faculty while we clap for them is one of my favorite parts of Commencement.

Elliot getting his degree

Elliot Wainwright getting his diploma from President Cornwell.  Note Severance Hall in the background, instead of the Kauke Arch as usual.  The chemists must have especially appreciated this!

Partial Group Picture

As usual we attempted to get a group picture, but as usual, it is impossible to actually get everyone together at the same time.  Sorry to those of you not in the picture!

Lehman and Hagedorn

I especially like this photo of Evan Hagedorn and me — not only is it a nice picture of us, but you can also see Saul Propp and Ziyi Sang in the background.  I think the photos of Commencement turned out perhaps nicer than usual because of the trees in the background, since we were in the Oak Grove for this part.  Maybe the lesson is that the Oak Grove is the best spot for everything to do with Commencement. Once the elm trees south of Kauke get bigger, it will be nice there as well.

Congratulations, Wooster Physics Class of 2015!

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