Teaching Licensure for AYA: Physical Sciences-Physics

Program Structure

The Teaching Licensure in Physics for Adolescents to Young Adults (Grades 7 – 12) consists of a Double major in Physics and Education (Field VI, Physics). The required 15 courses in Physics are described on “Major in Physics“.

The Education Major (Field VII) consists of the following required courses:

DEPTCourse #Title
EDUC10000Introduction to Education
PSYC11000Child and Adolescent Development
EDUC12000Content Area Literacy
EDUC 17000Introduction to Intervention and Student Support (D)
EDUC25100Introduction to Adolescent to Young Adult Education (W)
EDUC30000Classroom Management as Social Justice (SJ)
EDUC32000Advanced Methods and Assessment in AYA Education 
EDUC 49300AYA Student Teaching & Seminar
EDUC 49400AYA Student Teaching & Seminar
EDUC 49500AYA Student Teaching & Seminar
PHYS11200Calculus Physics II
PHYS 20100Modern Physics
PHYS20200Math Methods for Physical Sciences

with the three Physics courses (PHYS-112, PHYS-201, and PHYS-202) counted for both majors.