CUWiP 2023 at Penn State

The Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) was an incredible experience! Ten Wooster students had the opportunity to go to the conference at Pennsylvania State University. We enjoyed learning about the wide range of professions we can pursue with a physics degree, hear about different research topics in various fields of physics, and listening to graduate students talk about their suggestions for graduate schools. In addition to the talks, we spent time meeting physics students, professors, and professionals from around the country. Networking and making friends was definitely something the CUWiP organizers prioritized throughout the conference. There were many coffee breaks, panel discussions, and meals where we could meet other people. We also made sure to bond with each other! The ten of us walked around to nearby shops, had a study night, and got ice cream at the famous Berkey Creamery. We cannot wait for CUWiP 2024!

Back Row: Tess Mantineo ’26, Raisa Raofa ’23, Nina Hanus ’25, Al Cawley ’25, Aeralyn Flynn ’25, Lily Baker ’25, Olivia Green ’23.
Front Row: Tali Lansing ’25, Karmellah Buttler ’25, Naz Younuz ’25

Guest Blog by Tali Lansing ’25.