Noise Enhanced Propagation in an Array of Schmitt Triggers

Sridhar Chandramouli

Noise Enhanced Propagation (NEP), a recent extension of stochastic resonance, proposes that noise may be used to enhance the response of an array of coupled elements to a driving signal input at one end of the array. NEP was recently observed in numerical simulations. An array of Schmitt triggers (8 elements) was constructed as a physical system analogous to the numerical model simulated. NEP was observed in the array of Schmitt triggers as witnessed by the higher signal-to-noise-ratios recorded at the output of elements late in the array for intermediate levels of noise, than for no noise or high noise input. The optimal level of noise depends on a number of parameters such as the power supply voltage to the Schmitt trigger, resistors that make up the Schmitt triggers, and the driving amplitude into the first Schmitt trigger.


An array of noisy, bi-stable, coupled oscillators exhibits Noise Enhanced Propagation.