Measurement of the Turbidity of the Critically Composed Binary Fluid Mixture Succinonitrile and Water in the One-Phase Region Near the Critical Solution Point Using Light Scattering

Andrew Nowicki

An experiment on turbidity has been done on the binary liquid system of succinonitrile and water close to the critical point. The data were analyzed assuming Ornstein-Zernike scattering, which allowed the critical exponents γ and ν to be held constant while the parameters: turbidity τo, correlation length amplitude χo, and the background turbidity τb were determined with a fit. The data were then compared to published data, and two-scale-factor universality was tested.


Plot of the fitted data. This is a log-log plot of the τ - τb (cm-1), which is turbidity minus the background turbidity vs. the reduced temperature t. The coefficients are given in consecutive order along with the respective errors in those values.