Sonification of the 2-Higgs Doublet Model

R. Michael Winters


The Two-Higgs Doublet Model is a well studied extension of the Standard Model of particle physics. Most notably, it predicts the existence of five Higgs particles, three of which are electrically neutral (h1, h2, and h3), a charged particle H+, and its anti-particle H- Contributions of the basis-independent CP-violating Two-Higgs Doublet Model to the oblique parameters S, T, U, V, W, X were calculated. Relationships between the oblique parameters and the five Higgs particles were determined numerically. The effects of adjusting the theoretical upper bounds for Z1, Re(Z6e-iθ23), Im(Z6e-iθ23), Re(Z5e-2iθ23), Im(Z5e-2iθ23), Z34, and Z3 by factors of 1/10, 1/2 , 2, and 20 were studied. Using the original theoretical upper bounds, correlations between S-V-W-m1, S-V-W-m, T-U-X-m1, and T-U-X-m were sonifed using the sound synthesis program SuperCollider.

For more detail, please see the following article.
The results from the sonification are found here: SVWm1, SVWmH, TUXm1, TUXmH.