Determining the clumpy nature of the toroidal region: An analysis of X-ray emissions from active galactic nuclei

Daniel A. Sullivan


X-ray spectroscopy creates the opportunity to study the emission and absorption characteristics in the central region of active galactic nucle (AGN). Here, the structures fundamental to AGN are briefly explored as they contribute to the observed X-ray spectra, and the current working model of AGN is identified. The analysis, conducted in XPSPEC, utilizes reverse modeling of the X-ray spectra for 19 objects found in the XMM-Newton catalogue, yielding values for the column density of absorbing material near the source, photon index, flux, and luminosity. These parameters were then used to classify the objects which were compared to the optical classification for each. No classifications have been made based on the optical spectra for objects J081237.1-571421, J095220.3-623234, J112736.7+244918, and J223248.4-202222, so no comparisons could be made for these objects.