Sorting Spacial Wavefunctions of Photons By Parity

Michael-Erik Ronlund


An apparatus to sort the Hermite-Gauss modes produced when a laser passes through an optical ber was connected from existing sorters, as well as aug- mented with new components. This apparatus involved a Sagnac interferometer which acted as a two-dimensional parity sorter combined with a Mach-Zender interferometer which acted as a one-dimensional parity sorter. In combination, the Sagnac rst sorted modes with even and odd two-dimensional parity, and the odd two-dimensional modes were then sorted by one-dimentional parity in the Mach-Zender. The end result was to separate all modes produced by a three mode ber, allowing for study of the bers eects on a laser beam passing through it, as well as other possibilities for the study of photons.