On the Creation of a Lab Sized Event Horizon Analogue

Marc Manheim


It has been mathematically proven that gravity waves in water can behave analogously to electromagnetic waves traveling through space-time [1]. The purpose of this project was to construct a scaled-down experiment that makes use of this analogue to hydrodynamically model the interaction between electromagnetic waves and event horizons. Such an analogue has already been created in a (30 × 1.8 × 1.8) m3 tank [2] with promising results. For this project, the size of the apparatus has been significantly reduced in order to improve the accessibility of the analogue. In this experiment, gravity waves were generated in a water tank and propagated in a direction opposed to a flow of varying velocity. The rate of volumetric flow in the channel varied from (6.58 ± 0.85) cm/s at maximum cross-sectional area to (12.00 ± 0.85) cm/s at minimum cross-sectional area and was insufficient for an event horizon simulation. A difference in wave behavior was evident when comparing waves generated in systems without flow and with flow respectively, the latter characterized by reduced wave speed and increased wave curvature.