Effects of Temperature on the Expansion Force of Osorb®

Daniel Axe


Osorb® is an organosilicate material that displays unique properties. It absorbs non-polar and organic compounds, but does not absorb water. During absorption, Osorb® has been shown to swell up to eight times its original size while exerting tremendous forces that have been measured over 500 N. In this work, the force of expanding Osorb® was tested at different temperatures to observe the effects on relationships found in previous work. An apparatus that measures the expansion force at controlled volumes was improved upon to reduce sample loss and increase sample saturation. Another apparatus was found to test Osorb® reaction to organic compounds diffused in gas phase, but required replacement parts and needed to be reconstructed. The two apparatuses were tested at 22C and 40C. Three varieties of Osorb® were tested. No usable data could be collected from the vapor apparatus, but results form the liquid apparatus were analyzed. Due to an unforeseen extra variable, there no doubly reproduced trials.