Accretion Features of AU Mon

Corwin Atwood-Stone


AU Mon is a long period (11.113 days) Algol binary system with a stable accretion disk that can be seen in the double-peaked emission in the Hα line. We present new modeling of the accretion structures in this system. We have reexamined archival UV data from the IUE telescope spanning 15 years and we have also analyzed high resolution echelle spectra from the Hobby-Eberly Telescope. We use these data to self-consistently model the temperature and structure of both the accretion disk and the gas stream using the Shellspec program. We examine these generated synthetic emission profiles for several lines of interest including Hα, Hβ, the Al III doublet and the Si IV doublet, in order to best model the system. The wide wavelength coverage of our data permits investigation of gas flows occurring at a variety of temperatures.