enjoyA SPS
From left to right, Kirsten Larson ('08), Austin Carter ('05), and Katherine Olakson ('06)
enjoy the pre-festivities with food and drink. One cannot create LN₂ ice cream on an empty stomach!

enjoyB SPS
Amy Stotler ('05) is content to enjoy the pizza as she calmly wonders which of
her fellow students will lose a major appendage as the evening progresses.

crazy SPS
As if in answer to that thought, Jon Rosch ('07) and Dr. Lehman work on cooling
an already luke-warm slice of pizza. We are still searching for the rest of Jon's finger...

enjoyC SPS
Undaunted by the chaos, Josh Michaels ('05) and Charlene Adzima ('05) take advantage
of the confusion and each steal the remaining portions of Jon's pizza.

batter SPS
Karen Pearson ('05) begins stirring as Dan Utley ('05) can hardly contain himself.
Dr. Pantelidas is skeptical of the whole process, and Dr. Lehman can't stop thinking about Jon's finger.

ln2 SPS
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. The LN₂ is added to the cream as the crowd gets serious.
If only Dr. Lindner were here to see the micro-crystals...

service SPS
And finally, the payoff! What an excellent batch of ice cream! What smoothness and taste!
What a shame about that finger! But hey, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs...