Great Lakes Science Center Excursion, Saturday 20 November 1999
Pictures to show your friends, family, or to establish your whereabouts on the abovementioned date.


Dave Janowicz gets hands-on playing the theremin, the instrument used by the Beach Boys
to create the spooky background sounds in the song "Good Vibrations".

Amy Lauren Spin  Scott Rachel Spin

Amy and Lauren, then Rachel and Scott all play very nicely together
on a noninertial rotating coordinate system.

Crash Test

Dan Brubaker, Jeff Moffitt, and Dave "hands-on"
Janowicz kick the tires of their new Ford.

Andy In Van  Dave In Van

Anywhere in the van, Dave Miller is in the shot.
There's no place to hide.

(Thanks to Sri, who took these pictures, and Tim,
who drove and was thereby exempt from the van shots.)

Microchip Dave  Tim Off Balance

Dave Miller ponders life as a museum microchip mannequin,
and Tim Sir Louis tests his end-of-the-semester balance.

Plasma Chris Van de Graaf

Chris Templeman gets charged up ... so much
he shares it with unsuspecting seven-year-olds.

The nap in the van came later.