Influence of slope on propagating fire fronts

Niklas Manz

Current USDA Forest Service fire research is exclusively done with real-scale forest fire or in large settings with, for example, bales of straw. This project investigates propagating fire fronts up and down a slope using a matchstick array [C. Punckt, P. S. Bodega, P. Kaira, and H. H. Rotermund, Wildfires in the lab: Simple experiment and models for the exploration of excitable dynamics, J. Chem. Educ., 92(8), 1330-1337, 2015]. In the article, the authors explained and simulated some propagation conditions in a planar system. This project explores the fire propagation up and down a slope with three different models: Constant distance of the match position in x-direction (Δx), constant distance of the match heads along the slope (Δr), constant hight difference between match heads (Δy). For each model, we created 3D-printed molds with angles between 0 degrees and 45 degrees.

Fire Fronts

Diagram showing the constant distances Δx, Δr, and Δz between the matchstick heads.


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