One-Way Coupling

John Lindner

One way array

Water powered array of one-way coupled pendulums (Phys. Rev. E 78, 066604 (2008)).

Arrays of two-way coupled oscillators have been studied extensively. Recently, we have been part of a group studying the implications of one-way coupling: the left element affects the right element, but not vice versa. If the elements are multistable, novel and fascinating dynamics results, including complicated spatiotemporal patterns, especially with the introduction of noise.

We will continue our computational analysis of these systems to confirm and extend our previous results. Despite the fact that one-way coupling appears to violate Newton's 3rd Law, we believe we can design a mechanical system subject to external forcing (a fluid flow) that will exhibit one-way coupling. We will attempt to build such a device and observe phenomena that have been previously seen only in computer simulations.