Noise Enhanced Propagation in an Electronic Array

Josh Bozeday

Noise enhanced propagation is a recent extension of stochastic resonance. This experiment attempted to observe noise enhanced propagation in an electronic array. An inductor-diode circuit and a Schmitt trigger circuit were searched in the process of achieving this goal. An interactive computer simulation was constructed to model the inductor-diode system. Unfortunately, this was not able to observe noise enhanced propagation in the inductor-diode circuit. However, noise enhanced propagation was obtained in an array of three resistively coupled Schmitt trigger circuits. Each Schmitt trigger circuit consisted of a TL081 operation amplifier powered by ±7 V, a positive feedback resistance of 100 kΩ, and a non-inverting input to ground of 0.6 kΩ. They were coupled together with 279 kΩ resistors and the first element was driven by a sinusoidal signal of frequency 99 Hz and amplitude 160 mV. This array was observed to exhibit stochastic resonance in the signal-to-noise ratio at all the elements and in the propagation length of the signal. Hence, it was concluded that noise enhanced propagation had been observed.