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My research group explores the dynamics of nonlinear systems. Examples come from diverse areas ranging from mathematical physics and celestial mechanics to biophysics and general relativity. Our analysis often exploits computer clusters in Wooster's Taylor Hall or Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) using OpenCL.
Hypertorus Free-Fall Spinning-Planet Tunnel Network
Yuchen Gan '21
Senior Thesis 2021
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Hypertorus Hamiltonian Flow
John Lindner
May 2020
8.1 MB Download
Rachel Flying "Back to Black" Moon Dance
Justine Walker '18
Senior Thesis 2018
High-Resolution 659 MB MP4 Download
Rachel Flying 2 "Whispering" Moon Dance
Justine Walker '18
Senior Thesis 2018
High-Resolution 188 MB MP4 Download
Slash-slash body problem Order & Chaos in the // Body Problem
Maggie Lankford '16
REU 2012
90 KB Download
Quantum Gravity Quantum Gravity Vacuum Spacetime
Norman Israel '12
Senior Thesis 2012
83 KB Download
Point and Line Order & Chaos in the /. Body Problem
John Lindner
January 2009
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Decohering SHO Decohering Quantum Harmonic Oscillator
John Gamble '08
Senior Thesis 2008
283 KB Download
Saturn and Black Hole Kerr Black Hole Passes in Front of Saturn
Lisa May Walker '07
Senior Thesis 2007
24 KB Download
Null Geodesics Null Geodesics in Kerr Spacetime
Lisa May Walker '07
Senior Thesis 2007
83 KB Download
Escape Set Chaos in the 3-Body Problem
Evan Heidtmann '09
SoREP 2007
117 KB Download
1.2 MB Download
Chaotic Sphere Orbits Chaotic Sphere Orbits
John Lindner
December 2006
91 KB Download
Chaotic Sphere Vortex Chaotic Sphere Vortex
Martha Roseberry '09
NSF-REU 2006
612 KB Download
Flux Creep Automaton Flux Creep Automaton
John Lindner
GIT Sabbatical 2000
60 KB Download
FitzHugh-Nagumo Spiral Waves FitzHugh-Nagumo Spiral Waves
John Lindner
GIT Sabbatical 1999
335 KB Download
Ammann Convex Tiling Ammann Aperiodic Tilimg
Woody Shew '98
NSF-REU 1997
163 KB Download
AESR Array Enhanced Stochastic Resonance
John Lindner
GIT Sabbatical 1995
204 KB Download