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Dr. Jacobs' research interests include phase transitions of binary fluid mixtures, polymer-solvent systems, living polymers, and biological proteins including measurements of turbidity, heat capacity, viscosity, density, and the coexistence curve on these systems. He has also developed experiments in the emerging area of granular materials and self-organized criticality.

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Granular Materials

Small Molecule Liquid-Liquid Systems

Polymer-Solvent, Living and Biological Polymer Systems

Liquid Crystal Mixtures

Particle Physics

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Recent Grant Support

Research Corporation $45,000 7/08 - 6/11
National Science Foundation (MRI) $91,090 7/06 - 6/09
Petroleum Research Fund $50,000 7/03 - 8/07
National Aeronautics and Space Administration $199,500 1/98 - 1/04
Petroleum Research Fund $25,000 4/97 - 8/99
National Aeronautics and Space Administration $200,000 1/93 -12/96
NASA Summer Grant $15,100 1992
Research Corporation summer grant $3,000 1992
National Science Foundation (RUI) $122,000 4/88-9/91
National Science Foundation (RUI) $100,930 5/84-11/87

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