'Pattern Formation and Dynamics in Nonequilibrium Systems'


Senior I.S. projects (2017-2018) and Sophomore research projects (Fall 2017/Spring 2018):
Abigail Ambrose Propagating fire fronts on a slope
Daniel Dorman Russian support for the BZ-history project
Chase Fuller Investigating the possibility of a BZ-SOMS system
Jack Mershon (Sr. I.S) Standing waves in quasi‑1D reaction‑diffusion systems with fluid flow
Nate Smith (Sr. I.S) Excitation waves propagating in a narrow channel around obstacles
NSF-REU Summer Research (2017):
Abigail Ambrose Propagating fire fronts
Chase Fuller One-dimensional reaction-diffusion-advection system
Wan Hang (Vincent) Hui Speed of BZ waves around obstacles
Mijiti Mierkamili (Mirkamil) Zoomable timeline of the history of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction

NM, Wan Hang (Vincent) Hui, Abigail Ambrose, Chase Fuller, Mirkamil Mijit

Senior I.S. projects (2016-2017) and Sophomore research projects (Spring 2017):
Abigail Ambrose One-dimensional fire fronts
Jacob Denbeaux Modern physics lab student scheduling program
Marc Manheim (Sr. I.S) On the Creation of a Hydrodynamic Event Horizon Analogue
Mirkamil Mijit Zoomable timeline of the history of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction
Robin Morillo (Sr. I.S) The Ring of Fire: The Effects of Slope upon Propagation Speed and Pattern Formation in Forest Fires

Robin Morillo, NM, Mark Manheim, Jacob Denbeaux, Mirkamil Mijit, Abigail Ambrose

Robin Morillo's Commencement on 2017 May 15
The Council of Undergraduate Research's Posters on the Hill on 2017 April 26
NSF-REU Summer Research (2016):
Alex Gould BZ-Reaction-Diffusion Waves: a computational and theoretical analysis
Jersson Pachar (Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH) Effects of Advection on Reaction-Diffusion Waves

Jersson Pachar, NM, Alexander Gould

Junior I.S. project (2016 Spring):
Robin Morillo Burning Up: The Effect of Slope Upon Forest Fire Propagation

A poster session is serious work!

Senior I.S. projects (2015-2016):
Mitch Gavin An Injector to investigate reaction-diffusion-advection systems
Spencer Kirn Excitation waves in planar, inhomogeneously illuminated systems
Diego Miramontes Delgado Creating quasi two-dimensional, curved molds with 3D-printing technology

Mitch Gavin, NM, Diego Miramontes Delgado, Spencer Kirn

Mitch Gavin's Commencement

Spencer Kirn's first poster session at the APS Ohio section meeting.