John F. Lindner

Some Highlights

My research has made the covers of

American Journal of Physics (November 2010)
American Journal of Physics (April/May 2008)
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos (February 2008)
Science News (13 April 1996)
Physics Today (March 1996)
Nature (30 November 1995)

and the annual calendar of

American Physical Society (1998)

I am a co-author of award-winning software

Chaotic Flows Screenshot
Chaotic Flows
(November/December 1997)

I am a co-inventor of a nonlinear signal processor

patent figure
U.S. Patent 5,789,961 (4 August 1998)

I have climbed Kilimanjaro

on top of Kilimanjaro
B. Breen, J. Lindner, J. Williamson,
8:30 a.m. Monday 6 August 2001

I have juggled 5 balls

juggling 5 balls
33 catches
16 August 2010 video