Wooster Physics Software / CoW CPP

The College of Wooster Computational Physics Project showcases some of the best computer software created by or for Wooster physics majors. These applications exploit many of the features of the modern Macintosh Graphical User Interface. In addition, we've recently added an Introduction to Xgrid cluster computing tutorial.

Three Body Screenshot SandPile 3D Screenshot

Cocoa Software (for Mac OS X) with Code

We offer some of our demo Cocoa apps with code as examples to jump-start your own programming projects. They are written in Objective-C++ and use the Mac OS X Cocoa and OpenGL APIs. They were built and compiled for Mac OS X 10.4 and higher in December 2006 with Xcode 2.4 as universal (Power PC & Intel) binaries. (The executables are in the build/deployment/ subfolders.) Let us know if you find them helpful. We welcome feedback.

Percolation Screenshot Thomson Sphere Screenshot

More Cocoa Software (for Mac OS X)

Chaotic Flows Screenshot C-Ball Screenshot

Carbon Software (for Mac OS 9 & X)

Chaotic Sphere Screenshot IC4D Screenshot

Classic Software (for Mac OS 9)